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Share, annotate and discuss in real time with Share'Touch!


This innovative, leading edge collaborative platform enables you to optimize communication within your company and with your partners.

Within your company, using Share'Touch motivates, stimulates and engages your staff, enabling collaborative sessions to be more productive. To the outside world, you present a modern, cutting-edge image, and your company also saves time and money by cutting down in travel thanks to remote meetings. Your team interacts easily and instantaneously allowing for improved understanding and more effective problem solving: with Share'Touch, an organized and simplified communication for better results!

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Groundbreaking new features

File integration

Documents are easily and quickly integrated directly in the application from your desktop, a USB key or a scanner.


A quick and easy way to add your comments to a Word, Excel, PowerPoint document, an image (JPG, PNG, XPS), or a video. Just touch where you want to insert an annotation and a virtual keyboard appears for you to add your comments or ideas.


This tool provides a user-friendly way to make changes to an image or text file. Simply select one of the built-in drawing tools: pen, paintbrush, eraser, color palette, etc.

File exchange

Exchange information instantaneously with your colleagues, partners or customers, directly from a touch screen display such as a Microsoft® Surface® unit or any other Windows 7/8 device (video walls, tables, tablet PCs, etc.), whether they're standing beside you or on the other side of the world. Just drag a document to the chosen users and it will appear on their screen immediately, as if by magic!

Instant update

Updates are sent in real-time to all connected computers, so every change is displayed instantaneously on all participants' screens. This live interaction produces improved communication and understanding.


This option allows you to send files by email.